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Thursday, 29 October 2020

The Bible Tells Me Big Book





Bart was sad because his dog had died. To help soothe some of his emotions, dad helpfully added,"While I know your sad about losing Benji, I think that God wanted to enjoy having Benji in heaven with him". "What's God want with a dead dog?" asked Bart.

Nearness Prayers


Nearness prayers

Give each child a pencil or crayon and a sheet of paper. Invite eveyone to close their eyes and think of a time when they have felt God very near to them. Suggest that each child ask God to help them to remember one of these times. The leader should not give any specific suggestions of when anyone may have felt near to God.

Now, on your piece of paper, see if you can draw or write something to illustrate or describe that special time.

When everyone is finished, invite those who would like to share what they have written or drawn, or talk about their time of feeling near to God. You will find that once one child has shared, it becomes easier for others.

Finish by praying together thanking God for being close and asking Him to be with them during this coming week.

Read Psalm 139:1-12

Here is the Church Rhyme


Here is the Church rhyme

Thursday, 1 October 2020

The Wiggle Worm | Preschool Worship Song


Top Tips on Learning With Children

 Top Tips on Learning with Children

1. Get passionate about the Bible yourself.

2. Explore the Bible as one big story that has many little stories included in it.

3. Arouse children’s curiosity in our mysterious, awesome and complex God.

4. Avoid trying to feed children simple, ‘pat’ answers about God.

5. Choose a range of activities that use different intelligences.

6. Organise a variety of activities, but make sure they all point in the

    same direction to the same truth.

7. Use learning dynamics other than just the leader or teacher talking to a group.

8. Encourage children to ask their honest questions of God.

Laws Concerning Food and Drink; Household Principles; Lamentations of the Father by Ian Frazier – The Atlantic News

 This is brilliant.  And laugh out loud funny.  And so reassuring.  Parents, Grandparents, Uncles and Aunts, Enjoy.

Magazine – Laws Concerning Food and Drink; Household Principles; Lamentations of the Father – The Atlantic.

Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Peter Follows Jesus

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Checkout this new video where Angela uses Lego 

to tell the story of Peter being called to follow Jesus.

Bible Story: Peter
Recognized Jesus
(Luke 5:1-11;
Bible Phrase: “Jesus is the
Son of God” (John 20:31).
Bible Truth: God helps me
know about Jesus.

Jesus Called Me Peter Song

(to the tune "Rock Around the Clock") 

1,2, ...1,2,3,4 !
Andrew met Jesus.
Jesus met me too.
My name was Simon,
Now I'm telling you. 

Jesus called me Peter. (leader)
Yes, He called him Peter. (echo)
Jesus called me Peter. (leader)
Yes, He called him Peter .(echo)
'Cause simply Simon's gone,
Now I'm known as "Peter the Rock" !
God's on the move,
Something's new.
I just met Jesus,
Now I've joined His crew. 


We've left our nets
Won't be back again
God's catch is greater
Now we fish for men!

Chorus repeat - add spoken..."Rock on Peter !"

© words Don Stott, 

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Thursday, 6 August 2020

Daniel-An Awesome Bible Story About an Unlkely Hero

3 Big Lions
(Sung to the tune of " 5 Little ducks went out one day")
Choose three children or adults to hold up either lion masks or lion puppets. (We used one lion puppet and two other animal puppets representing lions). Get each "lion" to roar loudly. You might like to get the audience to vote on which "lion" is the loudest or fiercest...
The leader sings the song and at the end of each verse the "lions" at the front roar loudly.
3 big lions went out one day
Into their den they went to play
King's servants came and shut the door       
3 big lions turned and roared.

3 big lions went out one day
Into their den they went to play
Feeling hungry, wanting more
3 big lions turned and roared.

3 big lions went out one day
Who's dropped in?
It's take-away!
Ready now to munch and crunch
3 big lions see human lunch.

3 big lions open wide
This Daniel guy's not trying to hide
A great big angel's on the floor
Now 3 big lions snore, snore, snore.

Daniel's safe, King's set him free
God's care for Dan is history
The 3 big lions still get a treat
As 3 bad guys drop at their feet.

(c) Words Don Stott

Thursday, 30 July 2020

Jonah and the Big Fish

 Jonah Colouring Sheet
Jonah Wordfind
Jonah Colour by Number

BIG Fish ! 
Action Chant on Jonah for younger children.
 BIG fish , BIG fish, (make fish movements with arms.)
Swimming in the sea.
BIG fish, *swish ,*swish. (*rub hands against each other)
Who can you see ? (hands up to eyes like goggles)
Open-up your BIG mouth (make big mouth with both arms)
Wide as can be -
Swallow up Jonah (close arms/mouth and clap)
You'll have him for tea ! (rub tummy)

BIG fish, BIG fish,
Swimming in the sea
BIG fish, swish, swish.
Does Jonah taste yummy ? (rub tummy)
Can't keep this man down (point down at stomach)
In your BIG fish tum-my, (or , God's heard his plea)
Have to bring him up and set him free ! (jump into air with hands raised)
Whoopee ! 

(c) Don Stott